Template Manager

Here you can manage your all kind of template. To make all the things easy this section is devided into two sub-section. They are:
  1. Auto Reply Template
  2. Auto Comment Template

Auto Reply Template

To create auto reply template click “Create Template”, After that enter template name, if you want to “delete offensive comments ?” then check the radio button , select reply type , enter text for generic reply, if you want to multiple reply on comment then enable multiple reply.

if you choose reply type filter, you have to enter filter word and enter Messenge for filter word if you want add more filter word click “add more filter”, also you can set no match messenge for reply filter word.

Auto Comment Template

If you want to create auto comment template click “Create Template” a pop-up window will appear, enter template name, enter messenge for comment if you want to add more messenge for comment then click “add more messenge”. When cron job process system will auto comment randomly.